Can You Paint Tile?

There are many who make improvements to their home and wonder if you can paint tile. Yes, you can and we will tell you what tile can be painted and how it is done.

Painting v.s. Replacing Tile:

There are good reasons to paint instead of replacing tile. It is a lot cheaper to paint than to replace the tile. It can be done in less time so that your bathroom is not out of commission as long. It is very versatile because we can do different patterns or stencil it with the wide array of stencils they sell. We can get any color imaginable so you do not have to be stuck with the same old thing everyone else has.

There will be less dust and debris with painting. Replacing tile means tearing off the old tile with a lot of debris but you do not have that with painting. No cutting of tile either which can be very noisy if using a cutting machine.

When you should not paint tile

There are some tiles you shouldn’t paint and this includes the shower surround which takes on too much water or countertops which take a lot of wear and tear. Floors are another area that gets too much wear and tear to be painted. Anywhere that gets a lot of water should not be painted.

Prepping tile for painting

We clean the tile well to get off any dirt or grease by using an industrial cleaner like TSP. We wipe the area with clean water to get all the residue off and let dry completely. We then sand tile either by hand or with an orbital sander, using fine-grit sandpaper making sure to sand all areas of the glossy surface. Fix any imperfections or chipped tile, then let it set up. Wipe down well with a damp cloth. Make sure to get all sanding residue off. Let dry completely.

Priming & Painting Your Tile

We will prime the area that is to be painted with a bonding primer made for tile. We let the primer dry for the amount of time recommended on the product. We will then give the area 2 coats of Sherman Williams latex paint. We use a paintbrush to get the edges and grout lines and a paint roller to cover the entire floor.

Sealing the newly painted tile area

We will decide whether to seal the area depending on where it is and how much the surface gets used. You can also choose to have it put on if you want to. It will make the surface more durable but will make it a little harder if you ever have an area you want to repair. If a sealer is used, we will advise you about how long to let it dry but it is usually 24 hours.

Types of paint used to paint tile

Unlike when you paint vinyl siding, there’s no tile specific paint. However, there are a couple of types of paint that can be used to help make sure you get the result you want after having your tile painted.

First is latex paint and primer using a good brand like Sherman Williams or Benjamin Moore will do a great job and give you a durable surface. Use gloss, semi-gloss, satin or eggshell paint. Flat paint is typically not durable enough for a tile application. Another paint that can be used is floor and patio paint. This type of paint is very durable and does not necessarily need a sealer. It is specifically made for high traffic areas. Latex paint washes out of brushes and rollers using only water.

Painters Knoxville can paint your tile backsplash or any drywall surface. We can give your room a new look. If your backsplash feels old and outdated but you don’t want to tear it out, contact Painters Knoxville today for your free quote!